Workload taking Weekends into account

I had a question form a client wanting to use the Workload but seems like weekends are seen as non-working.
Is there a way to could Saturdays as a workday for the workload feature?

Hi @Paul_Grobler,

I don’t believe this is currently possible so I’ve moved your post to the #productfeedback until I have an update on my end!

In relation to this, you might also be interested in the following tips from our guide:

“When you have a task with multiple days, Effort will be split evenly over weekdays (skipping weekends). For example, a 10 hour task over 2 days will be 5 hours each day. If the task goes Friday to Monday, it will be 5 hours on Friday, 5 hours on Monday.”


Hi @Marie,

I am getting to grips with the Workload function now and had a question about the quote you mentioned above. Each task automatically splits across the number of days it is assigned for, but is there a way of adjusting this manually?

For instance, if I am working on one task across 10 days, but there is another task that I need to complete during this time that will take one full day, it will show as though I am over my capacity. In reality, I will just work some of the hours for the long task on another day, but I don’t seem to be able to edit that. Could you please let me know if it is possible to adjust or if I should raise this in the suggestions?

Many thanks


Hi @Maria_Grozova :wave:t3:

At the moment, tasks taking place at the weekend are split automatically over weekdays, I’m afraid it is not possible to manually adjust this distribution. But generally speaking, it is not possible to adjust your Workload chart without editing the tasks themselves as your Workload is automatically generated based on tasks you assigned to you. If you’d like to see an option allowing you more flexibility in the future, I would recommend creating a separate #productfeedback thread.

Hope this helps Maria :slight_smile:

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I manage a global, 24/7 creative team. Having weekends available on the Workload view is essential to being able to forecast our work accurately. Without weekends, I’m only able to see my U.S. based, Monday-Friday workforce capacity.

Is there not some way that we can make this sort of thing optional? Or even perhaps get as granular as to allow for manually adding each individuals’ schedules? This would greatly increase the viability of the Workload feature for my organization.


I have employees in the Middle East who work Sunday-Thursday. No idea why Asana have not considered this entire market with this feature.


Have you found a solution / workaround for this ?

Hi @Marie
On of my client is also working on week end.
Any update on that product feedback?

Not at the moment @Julien_RENAUD but trust me you will be first to know when I have an update on my end!

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@Marie : Our regular work week is Sunday to Thursday ( Fri and Saturday holiday).

Almost entire middle east follows similar calendar. I believe the entire settings should be user based