Hours on Calendar/Timeline view

I’m so happy the Workload feature now incorporates effort (hours/units). However, I’d like to have these show in the Project and My Tasks calendar views as well. Especially when you’re trying to plan your day/week, you need to see how many hours are assigned each day.

It would be nice with a Workload view on the My Task page. In my team we always plan our own week before aligning ressources with the rest of the team.
A “My Tasks” Timeline view could also be an alternative.

Hi @Mikkel1 and thank you very much for sharing your feedback with us!

In order to consolidate feedback and votes I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with an existing thread requesting this feature. I hope it’s OK.

Have a great Wednesday!

+1 On this feature. I think workload view is super nifty, but I always have to be in portfolio view with other team members and projects need to be added manually. Having your personal calendar extended with workload view would make personal planning really efficient!