Workflow comment problems

Greetings, I set up a workflow for a project. One of the rules I set was to write a comment on the task after the deadline of the task. It writes a comment when the deadline of the task has passed, but writes six identical comments. Normally, it is necessary to write one. I would appreciate if you could help.

@OZAN_KELEŞ looks like a bug - will move it to the correct section of the forum. Just checking that under rules you only have the one rule to add the comment/ the task is only in one project with that rule?

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Thanks a lot.I have a project and a sections. Every section has a different rule

Hi @OZAN_KELEŞ , welcome to the forum :wave:

Could you provide a screenshot of one or two of these rules that you have per section? (which shows the triggers and actions together).

It looks like you may need to set the condition of the rule to ‘when ALL of these triggers happen’ instead of ‘when ANY of these triggers happen’.
This setting is found at the top of the triggers in your custom rule builder.


Hi @OZAN_KELEŞ! Welcome to the Forum! :slight_smile:

Just checking if you’ve tested Richard’s tip, and if you still need assistance with this issue. I’d be happy to help!

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Hi I solved the problem with help of Richard. Thank you so much :smiling_face: