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Hi all,
Naive simple question: What is really the purpose or benefiting of using “Teams” in Asana?
Asking because I don’t see them more than a “mailing list”…
I had organized projects under different teams initially but I encountered the following problem: In any project under a team, sometimes when we were mentioning some users (@user) in the messages of a task, Asana was showing Private user.
To overcome this, I deleted all Teams and put all projects in the main organization’s team.

Hey @OmarZid,

here is detailed info on teams:

Teams are subsets of people in your Organizationwho collaborate on projects with each other. Each team has its own Members and projects, team conversations, and Team Calendar.

So basically let‘s assume you have a team for designers to which they are all added and then within the team you have various projects. Could be projects such as
Design - Client A
Design - Internal Tasks

Then you could also have a team for Marketing team members and so on

Why am I appearing as a Private User?

If two people are seeing each other as a “Private User”, they are both Guests.

Guests have limited access within the Workspace or Organization they’re invited to, and can only see what is explicitly shared with them.

Can Guests see each other’s names?

In order for Guests to see one another’s names, they must be Members of at least one project together. Just add both Guests as Members to the same project and they will then be able to see each other’s names.


@Andrea_Mayer: EXTREMELY helpful, as always!!
I understand that In order for Guests to see one another’s names, they must be Members of at least one project together.
What if they are Not members of the same project but of the Same team? I mean what if they were added in one team that did not have any projects: Would they still see each other (in other projects in different teams)?
Thanks a million

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Both guests as team members = same behavior as both as project members

You might want to also see this forum article:


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