Workflow App Changes and You

Hello Alpha Developers!

There’s been an update from the team building this feature. They’re committing to not break existing integrations while making API changes during the Alpha.

This means over the next few months, the documentation will change to reflect the newest state of the API, but the existing functionality will continue to work.

If you check the docs and see the fields you’re using are renamed or missing, you don’t need to be concerned. Your existing version will continue to run until closer to the beta, where we will request you make changes.

This means if you get your app working now, you can trust it to work for quite a while (at least 3 months).



Hey @Ross_Grambo,

Is there any way we can get some type of changelog, so we know what’s changing without having to hunt through the docs?


Great question! The best way to do that now would be to watch changes to this file within our public docs repo: developer-docs/ui_hooks_oas.yaml at master · Asana/developer-docs · GitHub.

We’ll have a large announcement later on that will remind everyone of what changes were made to that doc.