Word Wrap for Section Name in Timeline View

Maybe it’s just me, but nearly all of my section names are longer than the allotted space. I get only about 20 characters width. It would be great if the section names would word wrap to avoid having to hover over them to see the whole name. Seems like a “quick-win” improvement and would really help a lot of people.


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Have a look here: Expand sections text in list view - #2 by Marie

Or does this feedback request fit to what you are asking for then we could merge your request: Add text wrapping option in the task list and task headers

Thanks for the quick response Andrea! I’m sorry but I left out a key piece of information in my original post. I’m specifically talking about the Timeline View. You can’t drag and expand the left column showing the section names, but even if you could it would greatly reduce the timeline span so not a great solution. That’s why I was suggesting a “simple” word wrap for section names in the Timeline view.

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Ah okay for timeline view makes sense.
Yeah it seems currently you can only hover over you can see the full name.

p.s I also went ahead renaming the topic to include „timeline view“ specifically so others know as well

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Great, thank you!

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