Resize Section column from timeline view

Does anyone know: Is there a way to make Asana resize of the first column on the (w/names) to make better use of this space? If so, I can’t figure out the trick (e.g. where to hover, click, etc.) to do that. :confused:

Hi @w.adams,

That is not possible (at the moment)! I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to the #productfeedback category!

Thanks. (Also, I tried to EDIT an email post, but it wouldn’t work at all?)

I believe this is because you’re a new user in the forum @w.adams, so you’re limited in how you can use the forum at the moment. These restrictions will lift overtime!

:ok_hand:, thanks for the clarification.

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It IS rather disappointing, however (given the number of requests in ‘Product Feedback’ for THIS very thing, dating back at least a year), that nothing has been implemented yet.)