Widget not displaying on Android

It keeps saying problem loading widget. Widget is a solid black & doesn’t respond, I’ve done everything I could think about, all to no avail.


I’m having the same issue

Hi @Lyfe and @Ken_Crutcher, thanks for flagging this! Could you please try deleting the Widget and add it again? You can do this by pressing the screen for a few second and then selecting the delete option that appears in the widget. This usually solves this type of issues but if the issue persists, could you confirm your OS version and device model please? This will help me investigate further. Thanks!

This started happening today for me too. Removing and re-adding does not help.

Me too. I’ve been having the issue for about a week. I already tried deleting and reinstalling multiple times. My operating system is Android 11 and I am using a Samsung S21.

It’s working now. I have a pixel 5, with os Android 11.

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Thanks for confirming, @Lyfe! It seems this was a glitch and it’s now fixed.

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