Some Android P widgets do not display anything. Refresh does not work.

This does not seem to be fixed. I have just got a tablet mainly for Asana use and some instances of widgets refresh some do not even after hitting refresh with the main app open

Hitting refresh or load more does nothing.



Sorry to hear you are running into this issue @Simon_Kutassy!

Please note our team has pushed a fix for this issue and it should work as expected with the 6.39.4 Android release. Could you please update your mobile to the latest version and reinstall the Asana app and let us know if the issue persists?

Thank you Simon! Looking forward to your reply!

The tablet is running Android version 9. 6.34 was a long while ago…

Hi…I have found that (often) when auto updates come through for widgets, you need to remove the widget from your home screen (long press and drag to trash) and then “reinstall” it by grabbing a new copy from the widget drawer.