Why can't I end my free trial??

After creating my account, there is this automatic 30-day free trial in using Asana. I would like to cancel this free trial before I unknowingly start to use paid features and then be forced to start over or work around the fact I started using them. But after googleing I understand I am forced to wait around for 30 days. Since this quite annoys me that I am forced to use free trial I am now positively determined not to use any paid features… which I otherwise would have had no problems with. Annoying, but I suppose it results in getting more paid users. Just not me.
If anyone knows a way to cancel it, would be fine. Please don’t recommend “contacting the support”, thank you, since this is too time consuming and usually does not help.

If there is such an option I’m guessing it’s not available from the front end.

I’d stick to just using projects in list/board/calendar view.

  • No rules/bundles
  • No portfolio’s
  • No goals
  • No AI

In other words, if it looks fancy, don’t touch it.

Hello @Laur

You should be able to cancel your free trial from the admin console. Check the link here:

If this does not work, I am affraid you would need to contact support.

Herte is how to contact them:


Hi @Laur and apoogies for the confusion here. Just to clarify, you won’t be forced to use the paid version at the end of the trial. Instead, you will be presented with two options: upgrade your account to paid features or downgrade to the free version. If you decide to stick with the free version, any paid features you have used on your project (ie; custom fields) will be locked (but the data will not be deleted, so if you change your mind in the future and upgrade to a paid plan, this data will be saved and available again).

As @Rashad_Issa explained, you should be able to cancel this trial from your Admin console.

I hope this helps, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any follow-up questions!


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