Where to store attributes of a project?

I was hoping that I could apply custom fields on the project itself, not its task, but don’t think it’s possible. Each project across our organization has things like ‘Project Code’, ‘Target launch date’, ‘Date Deposit Received’, and a bunch of others. Any way to store this within Asana on a project, with the same fields for each project? And would it be possible to report on that info?


Also for further detail- we want to use Everhour’s budgets and reporting at a project level, so creating a new Project where tasks represent a project wouldn’t work, since we need to see those custom fields alongside things like project budget, hours spent, etc.

As a workaround, could you create a task at the top of each project called “Project Attributes,” and give the task the custom fields you want?


I agree with @Craig_Fifer and that solution works well when you create a summary project for all the Project Attributes tasks as a good overview.

There’s more suggestions on the use of Summary projects in other community posts here: Creating summary projects and here Using Summary Projects


Thanks for the feedback @Craig_Fifer and @Kaitie - If I can pick your brains a bit deeper: if we are using Everhour for tracking time, there’s no way I could bring everhour details into the summary asana project, is there?

It might just be my lack of imagination, but i still think the “summary projects” idea is a workaround the real issue. I want to hear from Asana people what they think? The idea of project level tags/attributes have been shared many times.

I am happy for the people who find summary projects to be a solution, but i do not think it is optimal, so the asana people who are suggesting using “summary projects” do you see it as a permanent solution or are you just trying to help people survive until a real solution is ready?