Where should I store reference information about projects, without storing them in individual tasks?

I am working on a website design project for a client.

There is a lot of information to store about the scope of the project, and I don’t want to save it into one specific task, because this information is really reference data for the rest of the project.

For example, we’ve created a shared cloud-drive for our client to upload photos they want to use on the site. So in this example, where would I put the LINK for my development team to find this shared folder?

I want to keep this type of reference data (and much more) housed within each specific project, but not in a TASK.

What’s best-practice here?

I hope this makes sense.

Thank you in advance for any guidance.

This is a weak spot for Asana IMHO. At the end of the day there is not much of a “Project” in Asana. A project is really just a collection of tasks and subtasks.

I think you are pretty much limited to adding links to the “Project Description” Text field.

Thank you for your reply, @Mike_Hoefer.

I wonder if anyone else has any ideas. Maybe there’s something we don’t know about…

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Hi @Tobijah to handle this for each project I always create Two Sections.

1 being “Project Overview” in here I have basic details on the project eg high level description, any regular follow up tasks, cost centre or project code information. Most of these are multi homes in my Master Project overview project.

The second being a reference section which I have project reference material that maybe a link to a document or a seperate system or webpage. Etc. That way they don’t get confused with the actual doing tasks. I also use a tag and or custom field to represent an off Asana reference. This gives me two things, one ability to run a report to allow me to see all my references material across multiple projects. It also covers the one problem I have had of accidentally closing the task. This report also picks them up and if I legitimately want to close the reference tasks I just remove the tag.

Hope this helps…



Thank you @Jason_Woods.

I think I’ll do that as a solution. That is:

  1. Create a “Project Overview” section, and
  2. Create a new tag for each client: “[client] Reference Info”

No worries @Tobijah glad I could help.


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