where is 'mark as read' feature at Inbox notification?

when I read the article

It says
" Read/unread:

If you want to read an inbox message later, you can mark it as unread. You can also mark messages as read without opening them."

but I can’t find how I mark messages as read without opening them.

Please let me know how to do

Hm yeah true I am not getting the mark as read either. Usually mark as ready basically means archiving for me as I would not have to keep it in the inbox.
If I have something else I want to work on for a task I will assign a task or subtask directly to keep the inbox clean.

Here is a nice post from Rosario: Is there a way to star or color code Inbox notifications? - #2 by Rosario_Messina

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Asana provides “Archive Notification” (shortcut E, also shows as the archive box icon) command for something that is “Mark as read”. This marks as read and moves the notification to archive.