Authorizing the app to show unread tag in the app icon

Hi, this is Aya from Japan and using a Japanese app.
We, I and my husband, use asana for handling the private matter.
Usually he misses my comments or the other notifications from the newly created tasks and such.

We both use Android, Motorola. The basic setting must be the same. But there does not seem the function to authorize the app to show unread tag in the app icon on my mobile.

Here’s the setting screenshot of Asana.

Attached please find the Inbox screenshot too FYI. Sorry all in Japanese!

He usually look into the Inbox and complains it’s too many notifications to look through all of them. He cannot know whether it is unread or not.
Is there any detailed function of the notification? Should we use English one if possible?

Any tips welcomed!!

Do you know there is a Japanese section on the forum where @ShunS can answer in Japanese :slight_smile: ?

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No, I didn’t. @ShunS must be the leader of Japanese forum, right? I will look into it!

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Hi @Ayallu, welcome to the community and thank you for the question!

Would you double-check the phone-wide dots settings in addition to the Asana-specific one?
On my Pixel 6a, the dot was displayed by changing two items in Settings:

  • turning on “Notification dot on app icon”
  • disabling “Hide notification dots on app icons”

I hope this helps!

too many notifications
He cannot know whether it is unread or not

This is another story.
I think the most important thing is to archive all notifications as you read them or finish acting on them and achieve “Inbox Zero”. That way, there are only unread notifications in your inbox.

To mitigate the overwhelming feeling, one approach is to reduce the notification in the first place by making sure you are not the collaborator of irrelevant tasks and another is disabling unnecessary notifications such as “task added to project”.

This blog post might be a helpful comprehensive guide: 5 Tips to Manage Your Asana Inbox - The Asana Blog. It also has a link to the Japanese translation.

Let me know if you have further questions :slight_smile:

Hi @ShunS ,

Thank you for your reply and explanations!
I will tell my husband and, we will try to control the better way to notify each other.