Inbox - Notification dot won't clear

I’ve reviewed the past 2 posts on this issue - Orange Dot not clearing away.

I have no filters on and have gone through all my messages. My orange dot disappears and then constantly comes back when I move to the next message (both on Firefox & MAC app). I have reinstalled the MAC app and problem persists.

(I have not archived all my notifications, as I need these to be visible, some are quite old and I would be incapable of finding them post-archival process.)

I finally just tried archiving every notification - dot cleared and came back.
I also clicked on see “unread only” and it comes back as me having no unread messages, but dot still there.

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So you clicked here:

And the filter is on “all” and the inbox shows empty correct?

Hi Andrea, Yes that’s correct for both.

Okay then this is very strange and I recommend reaching out to Asana support so they can look into this.


It actually mysteriously stopped doing this, this morning (even though I had restarted my computer several times last night).

FWIW, Earlier today in one client’s org, I wasn’t able to get the orange Inbox dot to clear when it was supposed to, no matter what I tried. I just checked again and it’s clear now after not having done anything else.

Seems like there was/is a bug.


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