Inbox unread indicator stuck on "unread"

In my user account, the Inbox Unread indicator (the dot in the Inbox menu and in the browser tab title) is not clearing no matter what I do.

I have cleared cookies, cleared browser site data, rebooted, re-logged in, set my inbox view to “All”.

This is the third time this has happened in the past few months, and I haven’t gotten good answers from support.

It eventually clears itself (many hours later or next day) but it’s frustrating as I take action on whether or not I have any unread messages. It means I need to keep Asana up in a live window versus letting it sit minimized.

I’ve seen other similar topics, just hoping to get some more attention on this.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions on resolving this.

Hi @Todd_Binder , have you tried this?

I just want to report seeing exactly the same thing @Todd_Binder describes. It’s also occurred for me more than once over the past few months, including yesterday or the day before, lasts a little while, then corrects. I think there’s an intermittent bug.



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There are no filters in place on my inbox and it is happening again today. This is at least the fourth time this has happened to my account over the last year.

No, I have no filters and it is happening again today.

This is happening to me today and last week. No filters on inbox.