Where/How to Select Number of Seats?

Hey, guys!

Could anyone tell me where/how do I select the number of seats I’d like to purchase?
When I try to upgrade it only shows 5 for some reason and I don’t see a way to change that.

Many thanks!

There’s a dropdown if you click the number seats you want.

Hi @R111! I have attached a screenshot from our Guide with the option where you can update the number of seats:

You can also find more information in this article. I also recommend you trying from a incognito window. If you still cannot update the number of seats, please contact our support team so they can investigate this further!

Let me know if I can help you with anything else! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the reply emily! I’ve identified the culprit in my case: ad blockers in my browser were preventing the switch/selector from showing on the page. As soon as I disabled them, it was visible just fine.


Thanks for confirming @R111! I’m glad the issue is now solved :slight_smile:

It was a purchase blocker then? :grimacing:

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I never said I couldn’t purchase, I said there was for some reason no way - in my case - to change the number of seats from 5.

Site ad is a page element, just like any other part of a web page. Most ad blockers block page elements by using either 1) using ad lists which consists of known elements that carry ads, and/or 2) trying to intelligently guess which page elements might carry ads. Often times they end up blocking totally legitimate/non-ad page elements.

And this is exactly what happened: it seems my ad blocker blocked a class element called PrimaryLinkButton, which is a link/button that says “Change plan” - which leads to a dialog with selection of seats number, plan, billing cycle, etc.

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