Help! We got charged for 10 seats with only 5 users in our account

Recently, our plan has been changed from 5 to 10 seats on your end without informing us prior to that change. The only “hint” of this change was the invoice we received at 2x the usual rate.

I got in contact with one of your support team members right away and disputed the invoice on time, but your colleague refuses to refund the overcharge to this day, without any real explanation.

I can’t really wrap my head around how you think this is a good way to treat customers. Charge them for something they did not purchase, then refuse to refund?

Welcome, @JohannesH, and sorry to hear this.

I think your best bet is appeal to Sales or Support.

In case they’re able to help: @Forum-team



Hi @JohannesH

While I’m not equipped to help with billing issues, I’ve flagged your case to our support team. It’s currently being reviewed and the team should be in touch soon with an update.


Thank you Larry, thank you Marie!

I hope to hear from your support team soon.

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Hello again @Marie,

I still haven’t heard from the support team. It has now been a week since you escalated this and two weeks since I first got in contact with your support.
Can you please urge your colleagues to get in contact with me?

cc: @Vanessa_N

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Hi @JohannesH, I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t received an update from Support yet. They are currently experiencing a higher than usual volume of requests, but I’ve reached out internally and asked them to prioritize your case. I’ll keep an eye on it until it’s assigned to someone.

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