Billing mistake, unable to get a response from support

Posting here because I’m frustrated and hoping to get some help! I was incorrectly billed for 5 seats, when my company is only made up of 2 people. We have been using 2 seats for a very long time, and my theory is that when we were automatically upgraded to Premium it reset our account to 5 seats. When I discovered the charge, I went into my account and saw that we were set to 5 seats and changed it back to 2, then contacted support about a refund. They replied and told me that I was billed because I “went over my allotted seats” – which is not possible, since there are only 2 of us in the entire company. They said that I would get a credit for the difference, however we need the money actually refunded. This was an error that we did not make, and Asana essentially keeping the money as a credit doesn’t sufficiently solve the problem. I’ve sent a couple of emails back to support with no response. It’s been a week with no response from them.

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Sorry to hear that, @Courtney_Zielinski.

Have you tried emailing (assuming you were using

Or perhaps @Rebecca_McGrath or @Nao_Kumazaki can suggest something?



Hi Larry,

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ve been using support@, but will send Sales a message too.



Bumping this up…still no response on this issue from Asana. This is so frustrating.

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