When changing due dates in My Tasks the cursor jumps down the page

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
Whenever I am in the “My Tasks” tab and I click on a date for a task and reschedule it to a later date, as soon as I go to click on another task the screen shoots down and brings me to the last task I just rescheduled. I have to then scroll back up the page and find where I was at again. Just wastes time
Steps to reproduce:
Click on a date for a task on the my task page
reschedule for about a week later
go to another taks to do the same and as soon as you click the other task it shoots you down the page to the other task you did before that
Browser version:
Newest chrome
Upload screenshots below:
Cant really

Hi @Cameron_Escovedo, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! I see what you mean, I believe this is happening because you are sorting your MyTasks list by Due Date.

When you change the due date of the task and you are sorting the list by due date, the task you are updating will be automatically moved depending on its new due date. This is working as expected, if you sort your list by None the task will stay in the same place even if you update the due date.

Thanks for your feedback and please let me know if you have any other questions!

@Emily_Roman I have this issue as well, the screen jumps a page down as soon as you click the due date field, you don’t even have a chance to set the date. Then you have to scroll up again. Super frustrating.


Hello yes I am aware that’s how I am sorting it but it doesn’t make sense to me that when I change the due date the whole screen jumps to where I moved it. It makes more sense for the screen to just stay where I am right? The jumping only slows workflow down if I have to move due dates one after another. Constantly scrolling back up.

Same observation here…
It’s confusing that the screen ‘scrolls down’ whenever I change a Due Date.
Indeed i’m sorting by Due Date.

Just feels counter-intuitive.

Would be great if there would be an option to prevent this.


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