What's the maximum number of teams / projects before running into syncing issues? (our Asana became unworkable)

We’ve been using Asana for around 5 years for our small accounting company with 4 users. The last couple of months Asana became unworkable as the average time to sync when creating and saving a task has become a couple of minutes (with often the need to reload the page which causes you to retype information that was not stored).

I presumed that our way of using Asana is not that different from how many other organizations use it but I can be wrong. We create a Team for every client with a couple of projects per client (typically Team Client ABC will have a handful of projects called ABC 2018, ABC 2019, ABC 2020 etc with no more than a couple of tasks typically per project.

So I think we probably have around 400 teams now of which 200 are active clients (and for the non-active clients we’re still waiting for the Teams archive functionality to be released) and maybe somewhere between 1000 and 1500 projects and a couple of thousands mostly completed tasks.

Are there any other users here that ran into the same syncing issues and found a workaround? The only tip we’ve received from Asana support so far was to delete a large part of our teams and projects and see if that would improve things. We prefer keeping the audit trail for our in-active clients for a couple of years

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We have less amount of teams, but significantly more projects overall.
The main problem with Asana is when:

  • you have a project with many tasks, a lot of dependancies between them and a lot of custom fields. Then it is reeeealllyyy slow and nothing can be done about it
  • when you want to multi-do something on multiple tasks - it needs to open the small useless thing at the bottom and it takes ages to load. If you make one change it says “it is syncing your changes”
    Every time I need to do some house keeping and cleaning of projects it is a real nightmare and it is really, really, really slow. We have projects with 500, 600 tasks and more and timeline does not even load properly for ages.

I reached out to support a few times and after the usual - “did you restart it”, “do you have electricity”, basically it is the way it is.

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