Imported asana project

We have started exporting old projects from Asana. Every now and then we have to import them to find certain information because we thought it would be faster.
When we export, all tasks are marked complete.
When we import the file, all the completed tasks are now unmarked and show us incomplete AND overdue and blows up everybody’s in box and they then have to waste time going through sometimes 40 or 50 tasks and unmarking them
This is ridiculous. Why is this happening?

Why don’t you just archive projects? Why do you export them? (and I guess delete them)

That’s a great question, because we have 400 projects a year and we have 5 years worth of projects sitting in a asana archived and have been told there’s no way to clear the cache and it is literally slowing Asana down. So we started exporting but occasionally we have to import them back to see something that’s critical. Each project is worth 10 million to 50 million dollars so Asana is our record.

So I don’t disagree with you.

But in what world does a completed task come back as an incompleted task. For many many people?

It’s actually more helpful when people provide advice and solutions. If we keep the projects as archived then it is slowing down our system, if we extract our projects we are faster.

I am really really surprised your Asana is slowing down because you have too many projects. I never heard anyone actually exporting projects to free up space, to me that’s not a thing…

At one point Asana slowed down, for many users, and I don’t think it was related to the number of projects.

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I echo what Bastien says here. The CSV import into and out of Asana is clunky at best so I rarely recommend especially if exporting and then importing it again. I would recommend archiving (you could have an archive portfolio or even an archive team to clear the view). I haven’t heard of Asana slowing down when there are that many projects myself either.