Integration /export to Microsoft Project

Anyone done export from Asana to MS Project? any tips/techniques are welcomed.
Been using InstaGantt with Asana and InstaGantt is is extremely slow with around 1500 tasks to the extent that it sometimes doesn’t even load the page! It is becoming unusable so looking to leave Asana however need an easy way to export all existing tasks into MS project.

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Hi @Yahya_Mufti and welcome to the Forum! :wave:

Sorry for the delay in responding. As it stands, it is currently not possible to export your Projects to MS Project using our integration. You could export your all your projects via CSV or JSON (you can learn more about it here) but I would recommend you to contact the MS team first to know how to import your CSV or JSON file.

Sorry I can’t be of a greater help @Yahya_Mufti. Have a great Thursday!

Did you have success with exporting and importing?