Include Sections and dependencies to CSV Export

  1. Asana has some “categories” called Sections, Tasks, Subtasks and Marks, but the CSV file does not provide any information on the “category”
  2. Tasks have dependencies but those dependencies are not represented on the CSV file

Hi @Michel_Menahem and welcome to the Forum,

You’re correct, sections and dependencies are currently not included when exporting a project; apologies for the inconvenience, we’ll keep it in mind for future updates!

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The CSV export/import does not export or import any relationships…is this functionality on the roadmap?

HI @Chris_Devine,

It is possible to import dependant tasks with a CSV, but you’re completely right, it is not possible to create dependencies or any relationship with tasks already living in Asana. This is a popular request in the Forum, and definitely something our team will consider for a future update. I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I ave more info on this topic!

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Hi @Marie,

Thank you for the response. Can you please identify where we might be able to find the information on how to perform the dependency import?

Found a second thread where they are asking the same question: CSV Import dependent tasks to a project

I’ve only seen parent/child relationships, not dependencies.

Look forward to hearing from you,

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My apologies @Chris_Devine, I got mixed up in my last reply! I was referring to subtasks, not dependencies! Unfortunately, dependencies aren’t supported by the CSV importer just yet, but this is certainly something our team will consider in the future!

We already have a #productfeedback thread on this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this existing conversation to gather all feedback and votes in one place; hope you don’t mind!

@Marie via Asana Community Forum

100% don’t mind, if I knew how to, I would have

Thank you,



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@Marie For clarity, based on the thread title, the functionality request is for both export and import.

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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you @Chris_Devine, I’ve just edited the thread title to better reflect the feedback in this thread :slight_smile: Thanks again for your help!

Love the dependencies aspect of Asana, it’s extremely useful for my big team that needs to keep track of dozens if not hundreds of tasks at a time.

We’re trying to integrate CSV importing for some regular tasks, and it would be extremely helpful if we could apply dependencies as a column in the CSV file itself.

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Hi @Virginia_Houser and welcome to the Forum!

We already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this existing thread to gather all votes and comments in one place! Hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

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Not a problem.


Un-migrated projects: Import of a CSV with colon-ended tasks create Sections/Separators.

Migrated projects: Import of a CSV with colon-ended tasks create regular tasks.

Since this is a degradation, is there a plan to remedy it soon before migrated projects become commonplace, and for 50% of new customers? It would be really useful generally, and it has broken the Mindmap Import feature of Asana2Go.



I run a membership and have encouraged everyone in the group to use Asana to manage their campaigns. Ive had several members messaging me now asking why sections are lost during CSV imports.

How do we preserve sections when importing???

This is incredibly frustrating and shouldnt be so difficult.

What am I missing???

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Yes; same concern here. See also:



Welcome to the Forum @John_Romaine and thank you for reaching out! :wave:

Sections and dependencies are currently not included when importing or exporting a project; apologies for the inconvenience here. As @lpb mentioned, we have an existing thread regarding this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this main thread to consolidate feedback and votes. I hope it’s OK.

Thanks Natalia for responding, appreciate it.

Surely sections are a key element/part of any project? Im confused as to why this decision was made. Do we know have to go through an entire project and manually recreate sections?

Hi @John_Romaine,

It’s not that a specific decision was necessarily made to omit sections. What’s happened is that Asana has recently changed the way sections are stored in terms of their internal data representation; this was done in order to allow a project to be viewed in both list and board formats instead of only one or the other.

As part of that change, they haven’t updated their importer to know about this section data change. We’re hoping that’s just a “when” not an “if” and that they will update it, as @lpb was asking about in his last post. (Please note though that they don’t comment on anything before it’s released so we’ll probably have to wait and see.)

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Well, “wait and see” doesnt really cut it when you have hundreds of coaching clients all trying to import an Asana project and it doesnt work. It also makes me, the instructor look foolish when making the recommendation over other project management alternatives that just work.

Right now I need a solution to get this working.


PLEASE include sections in the CSV import!

We really need to import workflows with tasks and sections several times and in the past, when using the colon, it worked like magic!

I see that may be this is a way to encourage us to upgrade, right? so we can use “templates”?

Either way, I’m testing a multistep wokflow in Zapier, and it’s taking me hours to set up hahaha