Include Sections and dependencies to CSV Export

I have te same problem here.
And when the task have subtasks its worst!
The subtask dont get the same section and get lost on the file.
@Marie can we do something?
Can we have the same view as before?

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Hi @Gabriela_Higa You can still create sections when importing, please refer to the first Section (“Before you get started: tips to organize the data in your spreadsheet”) of this guide article:

@Leticia_Ghisio, here is how to import Subtasks: as long a you associate them to the correct task, they should automatically be populated in the Correct Section.

If you continue running into trouble, please reach out to our Support team with screenshots of what you’re seeing, and if possible share your CSB file, that will help them reproduce your issue and help you find a solution.

Hope this helps!

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Hi all, since dependencies and subtasks are now available when importing a CSV in Asana, I’ve slightly edited the title of this thread. Thank you all for your support!

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Thanks @marie but before the subtask where on horizontal way, and it was better to order and visualize the list.

Now the subtasks are on a column and everything gets almost the same.

I used to export to to reunions descriptions, on this way it gets everything confused…

Is there a way to get the same visualization as before? (pleeeeeeeeaaasssseeeee) :slight_smile: