What's the fastest way to send an email to Asana?

I’m trying to adopt a workflow where I can quickly forward emails to Asana. Of course I can manually forward the email but it would be nice if there was an extension or something that would let me do this with a single click. Are there any faster ways to get emails into Asana other than manually forwarding?

Hi Tyson, Our team have just started to use Sendana which is really helpful. It allows you to add several different parameters to each email you are sending to Asana e.g. due date, project, project section, assignee etc. https://asana.com/apps/sendana

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Looks interesting. So far as I can tell this only supports Outlook. Is that true? Any way to use with Gmail?

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Hi @Tyson
Adam has a Gmail Addin. Have a look here


Agree @Greg_Humphrey, Sendana is a great tool…



This is pretty close to what I had in mind. I’ll give it a try. Thank you.


Glad I could help @Tyson

And Sorry Asana for spelling you as Adam…


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