What's the best view for team standup?

One of the main uses of project management tools for me in the past has been to pull up a team-wide view of what’s in progress, what’s just been completed, and what’s on deck for the sprint. This is used to make sure that we’re syncing on all the right things during a regular meeting. Ideally we can also mark things as “done” easily as we check them off as a team.

Is there a good way to do this using Asana? The Kanaban board feature feels about right, but it seems to only work for a single project, and it looks like you can’t have it on projects that have a list view. Plus, this needs to be a view for the entire team and not just an individual project.

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I think the Dashboard view would be best in this case. You can see multiple projects and an overview of tasks left to do for each one, with a color indicator of the status (assuming you are using the status feature in the project). It’s what we use for getting an overview for current status of all projects.


On how many projects your team is working at the same time?

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Thanks for the response! Our team works on a few (2-3) of what we think of as “epics” at a time, plus a backlog of other items that we pull in as we can. My understanding is that it’s best to track those as separate projects, but I’m open to other options.

@William1 that sounds great, can you point me towards some detail on what that might look like/how to set it up? So far I’ve only been able to put graphs on my dashboard, which by themselves aren’t very helpful - I’m looking for a more detailed view. Probably a list or a cardwall-style view where we can quickly review and dig in on all in-progress tasks, ideally organized by assignee or project, as well as what’s on deck and what’s just been completed.
Maybe there’s some kind of advanced search option where I can pull up three separate search pages - one for in-progress tasks, one for ones that have just been completed and one for tasks that are near the top of the backlog?

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Hi @Jcc,

Have you looked at Asana2Go? It offers the different detailed views that you mention (lists, card walls), and works with any advanced searches; the combination may offer the kind of solution you’re looking for. You can see a demo video and screenshots at that link without installing, though trying it only takes a minute and requires no new authentication.

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The dashboard is good for a quick overview, but if you want to see tasks from multiple projects, I recommend using the advanced search feature. Also what @lpb mentioned above with Asana2Go - it’s a useful tool for this.

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Thanks for the tips! Currently we’re using a custom field for “status” (to do, in progress, done), multi-homing our tickets into one parent project, and grouping tickets by status within that parent project. It makes a pretty good top-level view.

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I think the Dashboard view would be best in this case.

The Dashboard is going away on December 1st :'|
What’s your team’s plan to replace it? The Home view doesn’t accomplish nearly the same thing.

If you think of any great report to use for your team standup, make sure to tell me so I can add it to the list 💫 Advanced search & the best reports