What's the Asana's IP address

We have a server closed by ip-tables and we would like receive webhooks to it.
But since Asana change the IP for every request to target we can not to open an access for it.
Could anyone to give us a list of IP addresses from which Asana creates requests to webhook targets to add them into server whitelist?

@johnnygoodnow from Asana might be able to help!

Hi @yamada,

Unfortunately we don’t have a static list of IP addresses configured for our API (servers regularly spin up and go down via AWS). You can have IP Tables configured for our domain (app.asana.com), and we suggest that you verify the webhook signature as the means to verify that they events are authentic. We may consider having a static IP in the long run, but given it’s a cross-team effort and the relative priority of doing so, we’re unlikely to do this any time in the foreseeable future.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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