Asana IP Addresses for Firewall And Github IP Restrictions

We have IP restrictions on within our Github and other accounts. We want Asana integatations to work smoothly, but they’re blocked due to IP restriction. We can’t find Asana’s IP lists and our support ticket on this topic has been open for 4 days and no response. Anyone know how to help here?

I think you’re going to have to wait for this info from Asana. (Be sure not to send in additional follow-up emails as that pushes your request to the back of the pack again.)

Interesting. Yea. We’ll wait for a reply.
I see several forum posts regarding Asana IP Addresses. Most go un answered and all say to contact support. I’ll do so and come back here to close the loop as to what we find.
It’s interesting they don’t provide a help doc or KB on this topic like so many other cloud based apps do these days.

Hi @Michael_B,

We recently introduced some infrastructure which might cause IP addresses to vary based on the location you are accessing Asana from. This is so you get faster response times.

We use AWS as a cloud provider. They publish IP addresses, but IP addresses can change, so firewall rules based on IP addresses can be brittle and break. Are you able to verify TLS certificates to ensure you’re talking with the correct server?

If you must use IP addresses, here is documentation on AWS IP addresses for CloudFront which is the Amazon service we are using: Locations and IP address ranges of CloudFront edge servers - Amazon CloudFront


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