What type of developer is best suited to build app using Asana's API?

@Matt_Bramlage & @Jeff_Schneider,

I’m not a programmer (just some HTML/CSS and Wordpress-specific stuff). However, I’m considering hiring someone (i.e. Elance, Upwork, etc.) to build applications using Asana’s API. I’m pretty impressed with what @danielguajardok has done with Instagantt.

So my question is…when looking for developers, what would be the main skills or programming languages I should be looking for in a developer? Any other tips for finding a quality freelancer developer?

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The API are code-agnostic. Everything depends where you want to place your code and what it has to do.
In that case I don’t see Asana as a defining element to pick the language your programmer uses, but your application itself and where you want it hosted!


Hi @Todd_Cavanaugh,

Great question! @Carlo is right, our API is language-agnostic. As far as languages go, your developer might find it a bit easier to get started with one of our client libraries:

Under the hood, though, these all use the same method to connect to our API, so it’s possible to not use these at all. They just happen to be a great place to get started with the minimum “plumbing” work. :slight_smile:

For skills, you’d probably want to look for someone who has worked with a RESTful API before and is familiar with some basic concepts related to this and other aspects of our API. OAuth and JSON come to mind, and a nice-to-have is familiarity with curl, which is a simple command-line application for making requests. Our examples all use curl, so it helps if the developer can follow along with what’s happening there.

Good luck, and we’re looking forward to seeing what you end up creating!