Thinking about exploring the API and Integration Capability of Asana where to start?

Any tips ideas on where to start, what I need etc. To start looking at utilising the ASANA API to integrate some of the applications that I use that don’t have integrations available or tools that will integrate eg Zapier etc.

I am technical but not a current Developer… My Dev skills reside with VB6 and very small amounts of .Net

Any suggestions and likely timeframes/effort that I would need to dedicate?


Hi @Jason_Woods!

That’s a fairly difficult environment to work with, for two reasons: first, VB6 is pretty much dead so you’d be looking at VB.NET (which is very much alive), and second, there’s no official Asana client library or sample code for .NET and the vast majority of sample code you’re going to find online will be written in C#.

Not sure if you’re up for learning a new language as part of your journey here, but if so, you might consider Python, as it has an official Asana client library and some basic samples as well.

I wish I knew of some good Asana VB.NET-based sample code to recommend to you, but I don’t know of any.


I’d recommend starting here: Asana

Read closely all the preliminary sections.

Read one of the API References (like Tasks) closely enough to get the jist, then skim all the rest to understand what you can do (see and change). Also skim the Schemas section at the bottom to learn what objects exist and their properties.

Then choose a language and learn it (this will take time!).

You can experiment without learning a language with curl and Postman as described in the preliminary sections.

Asana Archie ( by @Joe_Trollo is easier to use but only provides some functions and is new and still in release 0 with caveats, but I’m using it successfully.

Overall, I’d say it’s not a small effort!! Exciting though!


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Thanks @Phil_Seeman @lpb

Think will give Phyton a go. Did c# too long ago and hated it… Syntax used to kill me…

Am about to have a week maybe two of work for COVID-19 Will give it a go over that timeframe to see how much effort/progress I make before committing fully.


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I thought this was a good introduction to some of the key differences between VB and Python:
Python vs VB basic differences

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Thanks @Phil_Seeman