How Do I Integrate Asana into my own Web-Based System for Users to Access

I’m struggling to begin my journey into integrating my own web based system with Asana.

I understand that I must create a Personal Access Token and Register My App on Asana, however I have no idea where to go from here. Consistently, the documentation links me back to articles which provide little to no relevant help on how to communicate with Asana through my own system.

It tells me to Authenticate My App using Asana Connect, and yet I can find it nowhere. Furthermore… and then what?

I’m really struggling to find, even a start point, and would appreciate any help at all in pointing me in the right direction or giving me appropriate tips. Would really appreciate some kindness and helpful feedback on this one.

Thank you.

You can have a look at the PHP library for example, where they explain the steps GitHub - Asana/php-asana: Official PHP client library for the Asana API v1
You have the same with various languagues like Python, Java, Ruby, Node… Asana · GitHub


@Bastien_Siebman This is a fantastic point in the right direction, thanks a lot for this I really appreciate it. I’ve had a quick glance, and this seems to be exactly what I need. Thanks again!

Hey @Connor_Johnston, don’t hesitate to reach out if you get blocked or have any specific questions about the API. The client libraries are a great place to get started.


@Jeff_Schneider Thanks a lot Jeff, this is all really helpful, I’ve been stuck on this for a few days now and now I feel like I have some direction in which to pursue - it was more a struggle of actually finding where these things exist! So again, thanks !