What triggers Last Modified

In my task list I see that “Last Modified” is set to today. However, when I look to the updates (all activities) then nothing changed today.

So, what can trigger “last modified” to today, because this is confusing. It looks like some action was don on the task, but it is not the case.


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Hey @Niels_Oomen,
can you open one of the task that show last modified today and switch to “all activity” in the comment section to see what shows and if there was any action performed today?

Hi @Andrea_Mayer,

I was already looking to “All activities” and there have been no updates.


And the task is without subtasks?
Does anybody else have access to the task? Because I am wondering if somebody might have added a subtask and then removed or added a comment and then deleted it.

Also tasks due today would reflect today under “last modified” as well

Is that really the case? That would mean that “Last Modified” is absolutely useless.
Last modified should only change based on an activity. The fact that it has a due date for today should not trigger the Last Modified attribute.

As a PM I want to validate when task have been processed.

What is the logic behind this?

To be honest I only noticed today that indeed tasks with a due date of today were set to “last modified” today although no changes were made. I agree this is a bit weird.
And I did have another task where a comment was added to a subtask but it did trigger the “last modified” date of the main task.

I have also found this task with a discussion about what normally impacts the “last modified” and the due date is not mentioned there

A bit weird indeed to be honest. I will do some more testing with tasks.