What systems do you have for using the mobile app?

@Imsergio recently sparked a conversation about the mobile app that inspired me to ask you all: do you use the mobile app, why/why not, and what systems do you have for using it?

My answer: I use the mobile app a bit now, but it wasn’t until I saw your post, @Imsergio, that I even thought to swipe left and right. And I work at Asana! Lol I’m still learning. :smiley: But honestly, when I wasn’t collaborating in projects I never used the app. I felt like I was programmed to press “enter” on my keyboard in order to create a new task and was thrown by the obvious inability to do that on mobile. Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

Per your comment @Imsergio, I like the idea of looking at My Tasks in the morning on my commute to work, so I can get a sense of my day and get things in order. Also, since I’m collaborating with so many people on projects, it is comforting to be on the go and know I can check my inbox to keep track of what’s going on with my team and what they need me to do.

I’m curious to know what systems you all have for using the app! And if you don’t use the app, could you tell us why?

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Definitely use the app daily. I like that Saved Searches show up as Favorites as these are powerful for monitoring.


@JCarl Good tip! I’ll have to try that. Any other thoughts, folks?

I use the mobile app for the multitude of Standups and Meetings that I goto. Don’t carry Pen & Paper anymore…
For the regular meetings I have a task set for the time of the meeting. Whcj means I can easily get to it from my tasks. Then when I get back to my desk I make sense of what I wrote and correct AutoCorrect and make them actionable things…

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I use the app primarily in three situations:

  1. I'm out and about and think of something I need to do. I capture the task in the app and then flesh it out and organize it when I get back to my desk.
  2. I'm notified that a content creation task has been completed (e.g. "Create draft social media post"), and I can review it quickly and mark my task complete (e.g. "Approved to publish). This is actually one of the things I like best about using Asana -- if collaborators are set up correctly, the whole task list can hum along with no comments (or emails, or texts) saying "I did my part, now you can do yours." It's awesome for me to tap the check mark to approve publication of a news release or social media post, and a few minutes later my teammate has published it. There's so much less noise than before. (The bullet is not exclusive to the app vs. desktop, but my point is that using the app on the go keeps projects/tasks moving along faster.)
  3. I'm asked a question in a comment and can answer it on the go.

Now for what drives me batty about the app:

  1. The UI is completely different than desktop. Everything is in a different place, and as @Alexis mentioned you even create tasks in a completely different way.
  2. You can't reorder subtasks.
  3. The app always opens to My Tasks, and I almost always navigate immediately to my content calendar project. I would love to be able to designate a project as the default view instead of My Tasks.
  4. The icons for Inbox, My Tasks, Projects, etc. aren't used in the desktop version. It would be slightly less clean but very helpful to add these icons to the word links on the desktop so they become reinforced when using the app where there are only icons and no words.