What is the maximum character length for a team name?

Can’t find anywhere in the documentation. Anyone?

Welcome, @Dave_Covarrubias,

I’m not sure anyone here knows, not even @Richard_Sather!

You could test this yourself, if no other options.



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Hi @lpb - thanks for hitting me back! Actually thought of just testing it out and maybe I will. Chatgpt gave me an 80-char limit response but I couldn’t find where it came up with that limitation.
BTW - your name was given to me as a resource to help support non-profits. One of my gigs is with a non-profit so I’m sure I’ll be stopping by your office hours at some point.


I went up to 800 characters (just repeated ‘1234567890’ for the team name) and it took it. Didn’t add members or try and setup projects against it but I would assume those would work.