What if, how to practically do backups?

Maybe try something like http://jsonviewer.stack.hu/ or an equivalent?

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This is something that is important to our business as well. Any information would be appreciated.

We have a slightly different, but related concern. When Asana has major outages (like right now), we are dead in the water, as we rely heavily on Asana. With some kind of off-line access option, we could kill two birds with one stone: protect against temporary outages as well as against major nuke strike-type issues. :slight_smile:


I very much support @Lee_Matchett 's suggestion. I think that would be very valuable. These outages are concerned my management and may lead us to looking for another platform for our project management, which I honestly don’t want to do because I like Asana overall.

This link in not available anymore =(

Hi @Denis_Sooma, can you give it another go by any chance, I’ve just tried the link and it seems to be working for me. If you’re still enable to open it, would you mind trying with another browser?

Same here.

https://asana.com/developers/api-reference/attachments redirects to https://developers.asana.com/pt/docs/#asana-attachments that doesn’t exists:

Still can’t… sorry.

Thanks @Tower and @Denis_Sooma. I believe the developer guide was revamped a while ago, which probably explains why the URL is slightly different. The content itself should be the same tough :slight_smile:

If you have any follow-up questions regarding the API, I would recommend posting directly in #developersAPI

Hope this helps, but please let me know if there is anything else I can do!

@Tower just remove the “/pt” from the address. I just shared this bug inside the developer part of the forum.