What are some of the most time saving automations that can be done with Asana API?

The Asana API documentation is so extensive and clearly implies a lot of possible automation.

I’m looking forward to some possible use-cases of Asana API (free user), that can help save much of our time every day and links to relevant threads (code-snippets, if possible).

Hi @Nirmal_Kumar,

(FYI I moved your post to the “Developers & API” forum section.)

I’m afraid your question is a little too broad; it’s a bit like saying “I have a hammer available; can anyone suggest some useful things I could do with this hammer?” :wink:

What would be helpful is if you could describe your particular business or organization and how it’s currently using Asana. Also if there are any particular pain points you’re currently experiencing in that usage. That might trigger some ideas/suggestions.

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Yeah sure, I will try to look into some problems in Asana, that can be automated and save my time.

Is it possible to create a list of subtasks using Asana API every time when a new task in created under a specific section?

Yes with custom code in Zapier I think… Not that easy to do. Flowsana from @Phil_Seeman has this capability.