Weird Webhook Behaviour - On task complete web hook is triggered several times


We’ve spotted a weird webhook behavior.

First, this is how we create it:

What happens next is that the webhook is triggered based on the number of files we attach to a task:

Task 1, Task 3, Task 5 contain one or two images. The update works fine:

But then the weird behavior starts:

Task 2 has 3 photos - webhook is triggered 2 times.

Task 6 has 4 photos - webhook is triggered 2 times.

Task 7 has 8 photos - webhook is triggered 6 times.

We’ve tried different combinations but I see the correlation between Nr of files and the number of webhook triggers.

We test under an Asana sandbox and we are ok to jump into a call to discuss it.


Hi @iliaZelenkin!

This is known behavior; Asana webhooks are known to be “noisy”; that is, you can expect to receive multiple webhooks for one event and you have to adapt your code to handle it.


Thanks, @Phil_Seeman, for letting me know. I literally had to stop for several minutes and read several times what @Jeff_Schneider said. I don’t know what to say.

But besides the above, we’ve noticed another behavior as well - when one task is triggered, the webhook sends the information about the latest tasks in the group, not about the one that was triggered. Is that also considered a noisy behavior?

@Ross_Grambo, @Jeff_Schneider, please, comment as that webhook behavior is a killer for our support of Asana. I cannot guarantee our clients that their task will be checked by our system as I don’t know what I will get from a webhook.

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No, that wouldn’t just be “noisy”. I don’t know what’s going on there. Can you provide some detail as to this behavior where the wrong tasks are generating events? That’s something I haven’t seen.

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Hey @iliaZelenkin, I agree with Phil. This behavior would be concerning. I’m also curious about the consistency of number of attachments to number of webhooks…?

Could you provide:

  • Webhook Id
  • Webhook Filter (which I do see above, but in case it changed)
  • Task Ids
  • The Webhook content you’re receiving vs what you’re expecting?

You can DM it to me so we don’t show too much of your data. This way I can give it as a full report to our API team.

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@Ross_Grambo, @Phil_Seeman,

The issue with one tasks updates happens within a client account. I’ve discussed with them today the possibility to jump into a call to trigger the task so we all can see the event. We can trace the requests on our end. The client is ok with that, only thing is that we are in CET timezone.

I can coordinate the meeting and send you the potential options. Duplicate events happen on our test account so we can check them on the same call.

I have Phil’s email, if Ross sends me a DM with an email, I will send you the invites.

Jumping into a call will allows us to test things more efficiently.

What do you think?

I’m happy to hop on the call if I can make it. You can send options to Unfortunately, my mornings (8-10am PST / 5-7pm CET) are booked until Wednesday the 17th at the earliest. If you decide to meet without me, just make sure you capture the bullets in my previous message ^

Hi @iliaZelenkin,

Alas I don’t really have the bandwidth to meet, but I don’t work for Asana so I’m not going to be of much help here anyway. As a first step I would suggest getting @Ross_Grambo the info he mentioned above because I think that will allow him to dig into their server logs and also discuss with the API engineers (neither of which I can do!).

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