Weekly Team Priorities

Hi everyone! I just got my 65-person marketing team onboarded to Asana.

Within that department sits the Content team. We have a weekly standup where each of us talk through our priorities for the week, organized by person.

What would your recommendation be for the best way to set this up? Attached is a screenshot of what we’re doing but I’m worried about what will happen when we move to the next week (weeks are sections right now.)


Hi :wave:

I can see that you multi-homed tasks into the weekly priorities. Do you need history, or when week X is done you can remove the multihoming, leaving you with a “cleaner” project?

Also, did you consider sorting by the week number in anti-chronological order? If you have the earliest weeks at the top then the project can get very big but that would not be an issue.

You can also have a custom field placed on the task giving the week number in some way and then build reports on a given week to see priorities for this week. Either you have the custom field on the weekly project and still multi-home, or you don’t and have the field on all related projects…

What do you think?

Great tips @Bastien_Siebman!

In our team, we have a project for our Team meetings and use the Conversations in this project to share our priorities :slight_smile:

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Hi. I’m trying to implement something like this and I can’t figure out how you got the person names above the section headings. Did you use a template? Did you receive any feedback on a better way to do this? Thanks,Erin

To see the person’s name, you have to sort the list by assignee, in the options available at the top right of the list.