Tracking Weekly Stand-ups / Goals over time

We have a weekly standup at the beginning of the week which is designed to be goal setting and communication for all the team members.
Currently we have a Kanban board with “This week / New” then a 2nd column whcih is completed, and a third which is “Archive”. Each team member creates a new card each week for the week and then talks about what they plan on achieving that week.
The problem though is that some tasks end up taking longer than a week, some move from week to week or are recurring, so it’s difficult to track progress on an individual team member basis.
It’s especially difficult to look back and see what you have been working on over a period of time and in the past.
Also don’t know how individual team members are working compared to each other or to get a timeline view of activities that they are working on.

Does anybody have suggestions as to how I could get this setup so that we can see progression week to week, against projects that team members are working on, but then also individually?

Nathan Stevenson
CEO, ForwardLane


Hi Nathan

I am not sure if I get your question exactly so I try to summarize:

  • how can you track progress per team member
  • compare team members

Regarding the second point I would be a little cautious, because comparisons can be tricky. Someone may set more difficult goals, others are satisfied with little. But nevertheless you can create an advanced report to list all done tasks from that specific project and then sort the report by team member: How to search for and find work in Asana | Product guide • Asana
The only thing I haven’t found is the ability to search for tasks in the column Archive. But you could give all the archived tasks a special tag and search for that or mark the tasks as done.

Regarding the first question I would probably set it up identical to your setup. What do you exactly miss to track? Could a report solve your question as well?

Best regards