Week numbers in all calendars

Dear Asana team,

could you please add week numbers in all calendars? A small, very small, tiny week number :slight_smile:
I do sometimes planning by week number and for due dates or for calendar view I need to look on separate wall-calendar. This might help other people too.


Best regards,

Yesssss pleaseee!! week number in a tiny tiny number…


I totally support such a feature:

my firm plans in calendar weeks so it would be very useful information


we’d like this feature too!

Agree - week numbers in the calendar and timeline views would be a very desireable addition.

Yes please!

Also in Time line!!

Please add this feature.


Hi everyone,

Are there more users that are missing weeknumbers in Asana?
Within our company, we talk more in weeknumbers rather then in specific days. Specific days are important for individual tasks, but the milestones are planned in weeknumbers.
For instance, we have the calendar feature on a big screen at the office. We would very much like to see the weeknumbers at the left side of the screen. If there are more users with this interest, Asana can consider implementing this feature.
Let me know what you guys think!

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This request was the reason for me to join the forum. I have the same request, and to be fair, I find it very strange that a planning tool does not have this simple feature. And even more amazed to see that there are not numerous requests for this feature. Hope this will be implemented shortly. I’m sure the joy it will bring to users will certainly outweigh the effort.

Yes. Week numbers would definitely help out tremendously. Our company tends to talk in weeks as well.

Google Calendar allows for this, not sure why Asana doesn’t have this feature.

Amen - please include the week numbers in the calendar view. Very confusing now.

Still no week numbers. Very disapointing.

Not only that, we didn’t even get a response…

I don’t think Asana targets the manufacturing industry, but we use ISO calendar week numbers consistently. Definitely would vote for this.

so where are week numbers??? this was requested in 2018… its 2020. how is this still missing!!!

Hi all
still missing week numbers - please could you helps us? Would be great!

Usually to get an official response in the forum, it helps to tag the moderators such as @Marie or @Natalia. Just have to remember their names…

Wow, soon 3 years ago this was requested. It can’t take more than 10 minutes to code in week numbers. Lazy!