Webhooks no longer work

Hi, we are not receiving webhooks events since Friday with the config :

action: ‘added’,
resource_type: ‘story’,
resource_subtype: ‘section_changed’,

same situation here, both of our webhooks stopped receiving events. last event was received on 2021-12-20T00:38:48.866Z

Hi folks, thanks for flagging this! This has been raised with our Developer team - I’ll keep you updated!

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Asana Webhooks are not working for Tasks older than 3 days. I have double checked that the web hook exists and points at my server. Below is the response to the “get webhook” API:

Webhooks are working fine for tasks not older than 3days

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@Axel_Marciano @Mikolaj_Kowal @avinash4

We can confirm that @Phil_Seeman solution to create a new subscription is a workaround that enables you to retrieve all new events.

You can have multiple subscriptions on the same project (using parameter on target eg. /target/:projectId?v=2), but it might result in duplicate events when Asana has resolved the issue on their side. On our side we are working on handling duplicate events if the old :pray: subscription would start working again.

We have raised the same issue here: Webhooks: Scheduled Downtime in December - #8 by Jonas_O as we see that it’s likely to be related.

We believe this issue is now resolved.


Is there a certain amount of time we should expect to wait for the fix to take effect before the webhooks distribution is back to normal? I am still seeing the issue on my end.

Thanks for this information. It was useful.

@Stephan_Hodges here are more details on the issue and resolution.

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