Are Webhooks working?


I have post webhook, and successfully got X-Hook-Secret
Then I received empty events. It’s ok, and it works as yesterday.
But then I created new Tasks in Asana, renamed them - but no any requests Asana were send to my app. Could you check if webhooks are alive?


Hi @Andrew_A,

You caught us :slight_smile: Asana had a major outage this morning (the red bar at the right of the page in that link) that took out our entire system. Our on-call engineers jumped on this right away, but they had to work through a series of issues to get Asana back up.

We’re recovering right now, and while everything is starting to get caught up and back to normal, the last system we will see working normally is our background job processing, so things like inbox notifications and Webhooks will be slow and somewhat unreliable probably for the next couple of hours. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Hey @Matt_Bramlage, after the system restore all events will be processed or some will be missed?