We couldn't process your email.

Hello, we are experiencing an issue with Asana not accepting incoming email sent from our Marketo instance. We use Marketo to generate forums that we have customers filling out. When a customer submits the form we have Marketo sending the email to out Asana email.

We will receive the following from Asana.
We couldn’t process your email because it was sent by mktomail.com but your email domain is serviceexpress.com. Please contact your email admin to update your mail server’s email settings.

Ive been working with Marketo support to confirm that we have the correct DKIM and SPF records in place. Here is the latest reply in the ticket that we have open on the Marketo side of things.

Thank you for your patience while I investigated this issue further. While reviewing the email header I was able to confirm that while mail is sent from mktomail.com, the authentication results pass and are expected to allow the email to be delivered as expected.

I have included relevant sections of the email header below.

Authentication-Results: spf=pass
Received-SPF: Pass (protection.outlook.com: domain of em-sj-77.mktomail.com
designates as permitted sender)

This indicates Asana is not accepting the authentication results meant to prevent this issue. Typically this is when users reach out to the client and request whitelisting Marketo IP addresses. Further review with Subject Matter Experts confirm this is the recommended path to resolution.

Another option may be to implement a branded domain. You can reach out to customercare@marketo.com for more information on this feature. The branded domain may allow the emails to pass Asana’s security protocols. You may also consider scheduling a consulting session with Marketo’s deliverabilty consulting team. They can work with you to ensure emails are configured and sending as expected as well as provide any further insights.

A final option is to reach out to Asana’s support team and gather further information regarding why the service is rejecting the emails as well as possible options to whitelist if required.

Does Asana have any suggestions on how we can get this to work?

Thank you,

Hi @Eric_Howard,

Only active Asana users can send emails to Asana to create them as tasks.

Since emails are being sent to Asana by an email address @mktomail.com, they are not being processed. Only emails that are sent by an email address at your company’s email domain will create tasks in Asana.

Per Marketo support message, it seems like they have an option to implement a branded domain. I suggest you to follow up with them and check if they can make that emails sent from their platform are sent at your company’s email domain. This would resolve the issue.

In case Marketo cannot send emails from your company’s email domain, but from a secondary email domain, you can add this secondary domain to your Organization in Asana.

Hope this helps Eric!

Thanks Barbara,

We do have Marketo sending the emails as us. Right now the outbound email is customersupport@serviceexpress.com but its sending through the Marketo servers with our SPF/DKIM in place.

We will reach out to Marketo about a branded domain.

Thank you,

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Hey Barbara,

Do you have documentation on how we can add another domain to our account? We reached out to Marketo and they are requesting an Asana rep to work with them to get the branded domain setup. Does Asana have a number or anything we can call for support?

Hi @Eric_Howard,

You can find instructions on how to add a new email domain into your Organization in this guide article.

You will need assistance of the support team to complete this process. To contact support, follow these steps:

  1. Access asana.com/support
  2. Select “I’m having trouble with”
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Let’s chat”

Have a great rest of your day Eric!

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