Wanting to send team members a checklist

As project manager, I am wondering if there is a way to send all the team members at the end of week a checklist of all the tasks they need to complete over all the projects. Is there a way to do this? I can create a search but there is no way to copy all the tasks so that I can send it to all my team members as a reminder.

Hi Rebekah,
Once you create & save an Advanced Search with a list of tasks that are assigned to your team, you have the ability to share that Search with your team.

On the Search Results page, you should see a “…” icon - if you click on that, then “Copy Search URL”, you can send that to your team.

Maybe you could either email this URL to your team on a Weekly Basis, OR create a recurring task for every Monday to “Review Upcoming Tasks” (or something similar).

Hi @Rebekah,
sharing the search link is certainly a good way of sending the tasks.
You can also select all of the tasks that the search have found (using multi-selection of tasks) and copy and paste in your status update the list of tasks that people has to prioritize. Alternatively, you can also paste the tasks in an email.
Doing so will bring the task link and then people will be able to click on the task name and then access directly to the task to get the details or have them completed.