Want to see associated section header for tasks in timeline view

I have a board that has multiple campaigns (as section header) & individual tasks within each section.

I would like to sort by due date of all my tasks but when I do that, the associated section header disappears so I cannot tell what campaign the task is associated with. Each section/campaign I have, basically has the same tasks i.e. each campaign needs legal approval (set up as a task).

Is there a way to sort all tasks by due date but still show the associated section header? The only thing I could come up with is coloring each tasks under a section with one color - but still is not idea because I am not sure what color is associated with what section header.

See screenshot below

Ouch this is a tough one. I was indeed gonna tell you to use a custom field instead with color, but you are losing the campaign information… I guess you are stuck with using a campaign prefix on the task name…

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Hi @Jackie_Cheung,

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is an easy way around this. @Bastien_Siebman’s solution isn’t ideal, but a workaround that should hopefully help you work around this issue for the time being! If you have a second, don’t hesitate to file this request in our #productfeedback category :slight_smile:

Got it - not ideal given we have so many campaigns running at a given time but thank you!

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