Voice recognition in Android

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I was thinking this might be a good idea for Asana to develop into the system or have it as an integration.

In the business that I work in (plumbing/construction) when we send out service guys to do something at an address, it is always very difficult to get them to leave a very descriptive comment on/in the task. This proves billing for said service difficult to do and would require phone calls, back and forth’s and a lot of time wasted. It is understandable that these workers do not do it since they are in and out of the trucks and busy with too many things at once to sit down and write a descriptive comment.

However, we have found, that if we ask them to send a voice note of what was done, most of the time by WhatsApp they do just fine, they can just record what they did by voice and call it a day.

That brings me to my idea, there is a program/app called Otter. This app allows you to upload voice notes from anywhere. It then transcribes those voice notes into text and surprisingly accurate too. You can even record directly from the app itself. Obviously it allows you to create files and teams to save data to more specific places.

Asana, do you think that this is something that you can do?

P.S. I used Asana like 12 hours a day and I am such a fan.

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Welcome back @Ben_Packer :wave:t3:and thanks for your kind words :hugs:

We already have a voice recognition feature in iOS https://asana.com/guide/help/ios/voice-recognition but unfortunately, it is not available in Android! I believe Android has its own built-in voice transcription service which you could leverage, but a built-in feature would be a lot easier to use!

I’ve edited the title of the thread to make it more discoverable and I’ve moved your post to the #mobile:androidios-feedback category, I hope that’s ok!

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Thank you Marie for pointing that out. I can already think about applying this. However, does this allow voice recordings to be dropped in a task or adding a voice note to a specific sub task? I.e. from whats app etc?

Voice recordings will automatically be added to a new task, currently it is not possible to add them as a comment, unfortunately! However, you can download them (.m4a format) just like any other attachment in Asana.

Hope this helps!

Please let me vote this with 100+ :innocent:!