Quick Comment Voice notes In Mobile

Everyone loves the voice note feature in WhatsApp, since its, Quick and its your own voice not voice -to-type which never comes out what you want to say, why not an option on the phone to quickly respond to a comment with a voice note? I know we have this Sending a voice audio in the comments section (browser and Desktop) - #31 by Ankur2 but it looks like its for the browser/Desktop, its way more important for mobile when its not easy to type a reply


@Leiby_Markowitz Great suggestion! I would love the feature to record a voice note and then it also transcribes the voice note if possible.

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Yes this does make the most sense, since it is in the field when you’re away from your desk that you’d be far more likely to need this capability. Especially if you’re on the go, or in a hurry. (Sidenote: ALL of my users are in the field. I’m the only one that even has a desk or a laptop.)

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Thanks for sharing your feedback with us! I’ve gone ahead and moved this thread to the mobile category since I see you would like to have this option on the Asana mobile apps. If you are interested, you can also vote for this feature to be available on Desktop and Browser here: Sending a voice audio in the comments section (browser and Desktop)


This definitely sounds like a great idea that we could have voice note available for the mobile app, as well in the desktop version.


This is necesary. I have many Fieldmen that need this in order to easily update the commnet section. They need to save time on updating Asana. Please add this feauture, it would be a game changer.

voice recordeing is a very importenent thing to have

todays days feild emploees dont have time to type

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I actually noticed the voice feature in asana a month ago, but can no longer seem to find it- did anyone notice the same thing??


Our team will totally switch to Asana if this becomes a feature asap, but otherwise we’ll have to pick something else!

Tone is always helpful context in communication. I love that you can create a task on mobile that includes a voice memo. I would love to see this feature in the comment section or on the messages. It’s a helpful tool that would go a long way!


Hello @Brennon_Mobley welcome to the Asana Community Forum👋

I went ahead and merged your post into an existing feedback request thread.

In case you are interested in the same feature for desktop as well I recommend upvoting here.

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Would love this feature as well. Is in planned?

We have a number of mobile app users, and if we had the ability to upload a voice recording (ie, like a voicemail) into a task, that could be quite helpful.

I realize everyone’s mobile device can try to do “voice to text” but we’re in an industry that neither Google Assistant, Siri, or “Bixby” has a blanking clue how to understand the terminology, it always misunderstands what our products, machines, tools, and schematics are saying, and voice-to-text becomes both unintelligible and a extraordinarily bizarre.

Having a QUICK one-tap way of recording a voice message (with potential voice-to-text transcription, flawed as it might be) would put the Asana mobile app miles above the competition.

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Hi @Matt5 and thanks for your suggestion.

I will merge your topic with an existing similar one and you can cast a vote there (to improve the chance for the Product team to pick-it up) :wink:


Quick voice notes wild be so helpful. Is this in the development queue?

I think this feature is long overdue and should be added to Asana mobile App ASAP. To be clear, the ability to add a voice note to the task AND also to the comment section (similar to the Vimeo video feature).

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