Visualize Task Dependencies Across Projects

What is the best way to visualize task dependencies across projects? I can create them but not see them in the same way I can when they exist inside the same project.


by “see”, i am referencing the timeline format.

I think I solved this by creating a master project and duplicating everything there.

New question Is it possible to link tasks so that, if i move a task from doing to done in one project, it takes the same action in another project?


@Richard_Stone when you add tasks to the same project you can achieve what you are looking to do. If you are using Custom Fields to track the “doing to done” you just need to make sure you are using the same global Custom Field in both projects.

@Jerod_Hillard thanks! that seems to work fine. the only catch (at least with my current set up) is that if i am using the kanban board and move a card from “backlog” to “to do” i must manually move on both boards. using the custom fields can solve this problem though.


What I have done in these instances is create a global Custom Field that matches the Sections/Columns within the projects. Apply this field to both projects and use Rules (in each project) to update the tasks to be in the correct Section upon a change to the custom field! :wink: