View/Sort MyTasks by Board Column

Our team has everything in a board view and we typically use the MyTasks area each day to go about selecting work. Fortunately, when creating a new task you can select a project and status for the task.

Unfortunately, you can’t sort tasks by board column and we’d love to be able to quickly filter and see all the task with a status of “In Progress” or “In Review” without having to click through each individual project.

Having this capability would allow us to rely less on dates for items that have a more fluid timeline. We could simply filter to In Progress or In Review tasks, and see which items may have been overlooked and we need to re-engage with to complete.

@Josh_Sahib, Until this is available in My Tasks, if you have access to Advanced Search, each user could achieve this using a saved search (or a couple of them) for tasks assigned to her in the given project/section(s).